Is it possible to view container files from host by looking at the volume?

Hi guys,

I’m brand new to dockers so please bear with me.

I’ve created a docker volume called volume1. I see this volume if i run the docker volume ls command, as well as the inspect command.

I’m running a docker image with the run command –mount source=volume1 command so that this volume is used for that image.

I see that the docker volume is located under /var/lib/docker/volumes. However, when I open the volume1 directory, I see it has the _data directory, but it is empty. Is this normal?

I’m aware that you can use docker attach to use the shell inside the container, or use docker exec to view the files of the container as well, but is there a way I can just look at the container files from the host? Or does this not work that way?

I appreciate any help.

the HOST has a folder that is shared with the container…

both can access the data on the volume… nothing special