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Is it possible to watch Task events in a Swarm?

Hi there!
So, I made this tool that will connect to the Docker daemon API and among other things, keep a list of the running containers.

Basically, when the app starts, I will list running containers and subscribe to the /events endpoint. Whenever I get container start and die events, I will update my list.

All cool, so far.

Now I mean to make the app work with a swarm cluster.
After some consideration, I decided to go with the service and task interfaces, which brings me to the issue.

The API docs don’t mention any events for tasks, which I assume will be needed to update the list of all the running containers across the swarm.

So, is it possible to watch running Tasks in a swarm?
If so, how?
If it’s not possible. Do you suggest any workarounds?

Thank you all for your attention!