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Is the latest Ubuntu 18.04 LTS image available on Docker Hub trusted/signed or not?

I observed that 26 Nov 2020 Ubuntu 18.04 LTS image is last trusted/signed image on Docker Hub, is this true?

Here trusted means we are focusing on “Docker Content Trust”.

When we are trying to pull Ubuntu:18.04 image with DOCKER_CONTENT_TRUST=1 (DCT enabled),we are getting image that is created 8 months ago. However if we set DOCKER_CONTENT_TRUST=0 , we get image that is created 15 days ago (created 14th July 2021 ). Based on the above observations , we stated that 26th Nov 2020 (created 8 month ago) Ubuntu 18.04 image is the last signed/trusted image. Could you please confirm once that latest image (14th July 2021)is pushed on Docker Hub is signed/trusted or not? Shall we use this image ? It is unsigned .