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Is there a way to go into the docker host?

(Sebastian ) #1

I would like to login / ssh to the host that is running the docker daemon.

Do I have a tool similar to docker-machine ssh?

(Rohinton Kazak) #2

To access the VM use,


‘…’ is your user-id.

(Alexandre) #3

You can make that

Ready to be copy-pasted by anyone :wink:

(Marc Lennox) #4

This works, but what are the login credentials for the moby vm?

(Alexandre) #5

User: root

(Marc Lennox) #6

Yep, that works. Thanks Alex!

(Theothermattm) #7

When I do this, I just get a hung terminal that won’t accept any input. Any ideas?

(Theothermattm) #8

The issue was that I was already in tmux and was trying to also use screen which was causing all kinds of issues. Sorry for the noise.

(Jcsalem) #9

I want to run a script inside the docker host. So I’m looking for an ssh equivalent rather than screen.
Any suggestions?

(Vincenzo D'Amore) #10

When I try to execute:


it returns: Permission denied

(Mark Sta Ana) #11

you forgot to add screen to the beginning of the path to a tty, it’s not a command.