Is there way to use the vpn connection resources for docker commands on windows?

I’m using the Docker for Windows client for windows 10 but can’t use the “docker build” command to create a windows image where it needs to access our artifactory feeds that are only accessible on the corporate network. I can hit the internet with no issues. I’ve seen folks mention a vpn mode but can’t find it in the app, at least for the windows docker. There are settings for linux it appears.

Issue type: docker build command can’t utilize vpn adapter
OS Version/build: Windows 10 Enterprise, 1607, 14393.1066
App version: 17.03.1-ce-win5 (10743)
Steps to reproduce
Create the following files in a folder. and run: docker build --no-cache -t awesome .

FROM microsoft/windowsservercore:10.0.14393.1066
SHELL [“powershell”]
COPY “make.ps1” "c:/temp/“
& “”“c:\temp\make.ps1"””

New-Item -Path “C:\Program Files\Nuget” -ItemType Directory -Force | Out-Null


try { Invoke-WebRequest “” -OutFile “C:\Program Files\Nuget\nuget.exe” -UseBasicParsing -ErrorAction Stop } catch { throw $_ }

Won’t resolve

try { Invoke-WebRequest “” -OutFile “C:\Program Files\Nuget\nuget.exe” -UseBasicParsing -ErrorAction Stop } catch { throw $_ }

I tried creating new network types but can’t get it to see that network. Using the –network blah command didn’t affect things.

Any ideas?