Issue trying to submit docker sponsored open source program - getting 500 error


  1. Go to Apply Today - Docker-Sponsored Open Source Program
  2. Fill out the form appropriately
  3. Submit form

Expected Results

Form to submit

Actual Results

Form gets 500 error.

Other notes on the form that are confusing.

Enter the name of the existing Docker ID for your organization on Docker Hub. If your project does not already have a Docker ID, please provide the desired Docker ID

Providing a desired Docker Id throws up an error. Am I meant to make an organisation first (having to pay?) and then hope for a quick turn around time? Or is it possible to key in the desired organisation name and get it once everything is approved?

Did you try muliple times just to check if it was a temporary error?

Regarding Docker ID, the quote says the ID could be a desired ID, not necessarily an existing one, but I don’t know how it works exactly.

Although the form is not on the Docker Hub site, it is related to that, so you could try to report the issue here:

Thank you @rimelek,

I did try multiple times on different browsers and got the same issue.

As for the Docker ID, sadly it keeps telling me that organisation is not existing which implies the quote is incorrect.


I will report this issue on github.

Thank you