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Issue when trying to recover a backup of GitLab for Docker

Due to maintenance issues, I had to restore the equipment to factory condition. Before that, a backup copy of the container he had with GitLab was made through the following steps:

docker commit -p  78727078a04b  gitlab_backup
docker save -o /container_backup.tar gitlab_backup

And I’ve saved the .tar file.

Well, once I have left the computer as new. One of the most notable changes I have is that I changed the internal static ip I had. If before it was it is now

After installing docker again, I started importing the copy with the following steps:

docker load -i /container_backup.tar 

And this is where I doubt if I am creating a container correctly from this image. This is what I do:

docker run --detach 
--hostname localhost 
--publish 443:443 --publish 7842:80 --publish 2098:22 
--name gitlab --restart always gitlab_backup:latest

The container is created and runs, but at the time of accessing with the browser it tells me that this page does not work. If I create a container from the official image of GitLab, it works well, but with this I can not recover what I had.

Thanks in advance.