Issue while running an externally-accessible registry

I am trying to run an externally-accessible registry.
I follow the instructions given in here

after starting the registry, when I try pul an image and push it in my registry by doing:
docker push

I got this error :
The push refers to a repository []
Get x509: certificate is valid for,, not

Could you please advice ?

Having the exact issue… Also trying the insecure method (update daemon.json with {“insecure-registries” : [“”]} - not working.

Hi, Have you find any solution for this ?

Hi, for me is working adding this:
–insecure-registry IP:PORT

to the DOCKER_OPTS in the file /etc/default/docker


Thanks for your reply.
Could you please explain your networking set up?
Do you have two separate physical machines for the client and server on a network? do you do any particular docker networking to make them see each other?
I try this in two docker-machines for testing …
I make one of them the registry server and another one a client which then I try to push my image from it …

Hi, my registry is not in the docker environment.
We have set up a separated vm with the registry. So simply use the IP of the registry vm to do that.

I suppose you always can expose a port in your docker environment and use the docker node ip with the exposed port.
I don’t want to use it because we have a good amount of GB, and don’t want to replicate it over the cluster.

In our case the client machine are the docker nodes, and the server is outside of the docker cluster, so i haven’t create a docker network for that.