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Issue with Docker build for Elastalert

Installed the Docker Engine on our CentOS VM. I then created the Docker container for our Elastalert.

When running this command:

docker build . -t elastalert2

I was receiving this error:

unable to prepare context: unable to evaluate symlinks in Dockerfile path: lstat /usr/share/man/man5/Dockerfile: no such file or directory

I then navigated to /usr/share/man/man5 but could not find the Dockerfile. Instead I found Dockerfile.5.gz which I extracted for the Dockerfile.5 file.

However when running the

docker build . -t elastalert2

command again I was receiving the same error. I then renamed the Dockerfile.5 file to Dockerfile and was now receiving a new error, this being:

Sending build context to Docker daemon 1.223MB
Error response from daemon: dockerfile parse error line 1: unknown instruction: .NH

.nh is present at the top of the Dockerfile

That is not a Dockerfile. That’s a manual for Dockerfile so you could run man Dockerfile on Linux to get some documentation.

When you got the error message, exactly which directory were you on the filesystem? I guess it was /usr/share/man/man5 because this is the case when you get the exact same error message that you quoted. Docker simply could not find any “Dockerfile”

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So apparently I have no Dockerfile. Other than the Dockerfile manual file, running the command

whereis Dockerfile

comes up with nothing else.

So what do I do?

Please, read the documentation before you rely on a command :slight_smile:

whereis is not for searching for files on the filesystem.

whereis --help

Locate the binary, source, and manual-page files for a command.

Dockerfile is not a command

We can’t find the Dockerfile for you. And I am not sure you need one. You started this topic with this

If you want to create a container (which you haven’t done yet apparently) you don’t need to build a docker image. Just follow the instructions in the Elastalert documentation/description

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Thank you for the clarification! I just created my container with this command given in the Elastalert documentation:

docker run -d -v /tmp/elastalert.yaml:/opt/elastalert/config.yaml

Which created this container:


I am currently in this directory:


But I’m confused on what to do next…

Also it says:

“A properly configured config.yaml file must be mounted into the container during startup of the container.”

Do I put that config.yaml (which will be called /tmp/elastalert.yaml) into the actual container directory (/var/lib/docker/containers/d2c6f331b82481828f7daa9d12a4fab6132dc58a23675f2ef6eb460311baa2e9), or do I put it into /tmp ?

I am currently running that command without a config.

How did you end up in that directory? You make a habit of playing with system folders. Don’t go there! because you could brake your container or even the entire Docker service.

Use docker exec if you want to enter a container. I can see you have a problem with the basics. Try this tutorial: Orientation and setup | Docker Documentation and start with some simple application before elastalert.