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Issues Adding External Switch to DockerDesktopVM(HyperV)

I am using the latest Docker Desktop for Windows in my Win10 Pro. I have been using it with a Native Windows container and a custom Ubuntu (HyperV). I created an External Switch, and this switch is used by both.

I switched to Linux Container and I added the External Switch to the builtin DockerDesktopVM (HyperV). I ran docker swarm init and I got the DockerDesktopVM (HyperV) IP. I tried to ping it from windows and it failed to reply :frowning: I tried from my Ubuntu (HyperV) and same issue.

Is it possible to add an additional Switch, in this case an External Switch to DockerDesktopVM(HyperV)? I have zero visibility on this VM so is hard to know what is actually happen inside :frowning:

Thanks for you help :slight_smile: