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Javascript Gulp Build Errors: [Error: EBADF: bad file descriptor, read]

(Vinayh) #1

Expected behavior

Running my docker containers would result in javascript files being built via gulp.

Actual behavior

I am getting many errors like this:

opentest_1 | [02:00:21] { [Error: EBADF: bad file descriptor, read]
opentest_1 |   errno: -9,
opentest_1 |   code: 'EBADF',
opentest_1 |   syscall: 'read',
opentest_1 |   stream:
opentest_1 |    Labeled {
opentest_1 |      _readableState:
opentest_1 |       ReadableState {
opentest_1 |         highWaterMark: 16,
opentest_1 |         buffer: [],
opentest_1 |         length: 0,
opentest_1 |         pipes: [Object],
opentest_1 |         pipesCount: 1,
opentest_1 |         flowing: true,
opentest_1 |         ended: false,
opentest_1 |         endEmitted: false,
opentest_1 |         reading: true,
opentest_1 |         sync: false,
opentest_1 |         needReadable: true,
opentest_1 |         emittedReadable: false,
opentest_1 |         readableListening: false,
opentest_1 |         objectMode: true,
opentest_1 |         defaultEncoding: 'utf8',
opentest_1 |         ranOut: false,
opentest_1 |         awaitDrain: 0,
opentest_1 |         readingMore: false,
opentest_1 |         decoder: null,
opentest_1 |         encoding: null,
opentest_1 |         resumeScheduled: false },
opentest_1 |      readable: true,
opentest_1 |      domain: null,
opentest_1 |      _events:
opentest_1 |       { end: [Object],
opentest_1 |         error: [Object],
opentest_1 |         data: [Function: ondata],
opentest_1 |         _mutate: [Object] },
opentest_1 |      _eventsCount: 4,
opentest_1 |      _maxListeners: undefined,
opentest_1 |      _writableState:
opentest_1 |       WritableState {
opentest_1 |         highWaterMark: 16,
opentest_1 |         objectMode: true,
opentest_1 |         needDrain: false,
opentest_1 |         ending: true,
opentest_1 |         ended: true,
opentest_1 |         finished: true,
opentest_1 |         decodeStrings: true,
opentest_1 |         defaultEncoding: 'utf8',
opentest_1 |         length: 0,
opentest_1 |         writing: false,
opentest_1 |         corked: 0,
opentest_1 |         sync: false,
opentest_1 |         bufferProcessing: false,
opentest_1 |         onwrite: [Function],
opentest_1 |         writecb: null,
opentest_1 |         writelen: 0,
opentest_1 |         buffer: [],
opentest_1 |         pendingcb: 0,
opentest_1 |         prefinished: true,
opentest_1 |         errorEmitted: false },
opentest_1 |      writable: true,
opentest_1 |      allowHalfOpen: true,
opentest_1 |      _options: { objectMode: true },
opentest_1 |      _wrapOptions: { objectMode: true },
opentest_1 |      _streams: [ [Object] ],
opentest_1 |      length: 1,
opentest_1 |      label: 'deps' } }


vinay@Vinays-MacBook-Pro ~> pinata diagnose -u
OS X: version 10.11.4 (build: 15E65) version v1.11.1-beta13
Running diagnostic tests:
[OK]      Moby booted
[OK]      driver.amd64-linux
[OK]      vmnetd
[OK]      osxfs
[OK]      db
[OK]      slirp
[OK]      menubar
[OK]      environment
[OK]      Docker
[OK]      VT-x
Docker logs are being collected into /tmp/20160525-190151.tar.gz
Most specific failure is: No error was detected
Your unique id is: DB968B29-02F7-450B-8B19-62201F32676A
Please quote this in all correspondence.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Create a Docker container with npm/node off of Ubuntu 14.04 (
  2. Run a repo with gulp and compile javascript via the browserify module.

I noticed that I wasn’t asked for sudo permissions during this update, so I will try to reinstall Docker to see if that fixes things.

Beta13 volume bind mounts intermittently error on access with 'bad file descriptor'
(webdevotion) #2

I found this post when googling and confirm that I saw the same error on our stack:

  • ubuntu 14.04
  • node 6.x

We are not using Gulp. Pinata output is [OK].
Updated to latest beta ( Version 1.11.1-beta13 (build: 7975) ).

Restarting my system and building with --no-cache seems to have fixed the problem.

Downgrade to Docker for Mac beta 11
(David Sheets) #3

Could you please post a minimal reproduction of this issue? A shell script, Dockerfile, Makefile, or similar or a git repository that exhibits the issue would be very helpful.

(webdevotion) #4

For us it was related to the use of Nodemon.
The issue was we where running too many process per container.
A docker best practice is: ‘run one container per process’.

In almost all cases, you should only run a single process in a single container. Decoupling applications into multiple containers makes it much easier to scale horizontally and reuse containers. If that service depends on another service, make use of container linking.

(Vinayh) #5

Yep I’m also running Nodemon, but it was working before pre-beta13. This actually seems like it may have to do with volume mounts: