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Beta13 volume bind mounts intermittently error on access with 'bad file descriptor'


(Pete Miller) #1

Intermittenly (approx. 50% of the time), when mounting a folder from /Mac/var/folders/mf… and then accessing a file inside that folder, an error results of ‘bad file descriptor’ from the accessing program, even though direct access to the files (outside of docker) is ok.

Expected behavior

Conststent successful access to volume mounts, as was the case before beta13.

Actual behavior

Errors approx. 50% of the time. ‘bad file descriptor’


  • pinata diagnose -u on OSX: everything [OK].
  • host: OS X 10.11.4
  • docker in

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. create temp directory on host and fill with dirs
  2. create container and mount temp directory to container path ‘/test-tempdir’
  3. read files inside container at ‘/test-tempdir’

(Vinayh) #2

Looks like I’m seeing the same thing.

(Vinayh) #3

Is there any way for me to downgrade to the previous version? I’m hitting this 100% of the time and can no longer develop.

(Pete Miller) #4

Yep, the old version will be in your trash. Just quit the docker app,
delete and move the most recent from your trash to
Applications. Then start again.

Javascript Gulp Build Errors: [Error: EBADF: bad file descriptor, read]
(Vinayh) #5

Deleted that. :-\ Found a version of beta11 elsewhere on the forum though!

(Guido Vilariño) #6

I can confirm I fixed this on my mac by downgrading from beta 13 to beta 12

(Jimmy Cuadra) #7

Same thing here. I’m also seeing occasional “ERROR: Bad response from Docker engine” messages that I’ve never seen before. How do you downgrade to the previous beta if it’s not in the trash?

(Vinayh) #8

Hey man you still happen to have that installation dmg? On beta 11 right now, but would be willing to upgrade to 12 since that was still working for me. Just lost the dmg.

(Vinayh) #9

You can find beta11 here: Downgrade to Docker for Mac beta 11

(Randolph Kahle) #10

How did you downgrade? Is there a way to locate earlier Beta releases?

(Pete Miller) #11

looks like this may have been fixed with v13.1 hotfix that is available through automatic update. Anyone confirm?

(David Sheets) #12

Hi Pete,

We believe this is fixed in Beta 13.1 hotfix. Please report back here if you still see this issue on that version.



(Guido Vilariño) #13

sorry, just saw this. I guess you already found a fix in the latest update.