Jupyter notebook kernel keeps on dying inside the docker container

Hello everyone,

I tried running my configured python project inside a docker container called climatebench. I try to run Jupyter notebooks inside the docker container, but the kernel keeps on dying every time, I have tried providing good amount of resources (all the cpus and 20GB memory)
but the kernel still keeps on dying. Could anyone suggest how to resolve it ?


Without you sharing your configuration and the error message you get, we can’t really help.

Are you trying to run climatebench from duncan parris?

@blueocean13 Yes, I have dockerized Professor Duncan’s repository. Now the docker image is working as expected. Turns out the problem I was facing was only occurring in apple hardware. If you would like to use the docker image, please run docker pull pthak006/climatebench. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Also here is the link to the fork I have created: