Keyboard typos cause exit to powershell


I’m using the following versions
Version: 17.06.1-ce
API version: 1.30
Go version: go1.8.3
Git commit: 874a737
Built: Thu Aug 17 22:48:20 2017
OS/Arch: windows/amd64

Version: 17.06.1-ce
API version: 1.30 (minimum version 1.12)
Go version: go1.8.3
Git commit: 874a737
Built: Thu Aug 17 22:54:55 2017
OS/Arch: linux/amd64
Experimental: true

I have an issue when using the powershell cli to connect to my container (using store/oracle/database-enterprise: When I connect to the container with docker exec -it oracle12 /bin/bash it connects as root to the container. All is good, and I can su - oracle for example. However, if I make a typo by pressing 2 keys at once for example [] keys I consistently get dumped out of the container back to the powershell, and have to re-run my exec command. It’s not just these two keys either, but is always when I’ve pressed 2 keys together (bad keyboard style).

Is this a Powershell thing or a docker TTY thing? I can’t make powershell exit further once I’m back on the PS cmd line…How can I prevent it exiting? I don’t want to have to figure out how to expose port 22 and then use PuTTY, etc, but I will if this continues to cause me issues (and yes, I understand this is really my issue).

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Exactly the same here! Please share some workaround because it is really annoying!

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Exact same issue here as well.

FYI, a workaround that I’ve been using is to ssh into the docker container using Bash on Windows. So far this resolves the issue.

Yeah, but I was having difficulty in enabling ssh in my image.