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Known issue: Unable to add third party registry with a name containing a '-'

(Sam) #1

When I try to add a third party registry (Google Cloud Registry), I am unable to do so because my registry name contains a hyphen.

For example, this is not acceptable:

This works (but obviously cannot authenticate):

The exact error is (yes, the json appears in the red toast dialog):

{“repository”: {“name”: [“Invalid image name. Should be in the format [registry[:port]/][username/]reponame[:tag]”]}}

The modal where you add the registry, the fields are highlighted green - so they pass client side validation - it appears that the server side element can’t handle the extra hyphen.

The solution is for Docker Cloud to deal with the characters.

(Fernando Mayo) #2

Hello Sam,

Thanks for raising this. We will fix this as soon as possible.


(Sam) #3

I note there have been some changes. For example, the toast error message no longer contains JSON but the error message, and I can submit a hyphen containing registry name and not get a validation error.

I do get a cryptic not authorized error using credentials I know work, but I guess is another issue. The original problem seems resolved.