Known issue: Unable to add third party registry with a name containing a '-'

When I try to add a third party registry (Google Cloud Registry), I am unable to do so because my registry name contains a hyphen.

For example, this is not acceptable:

This works (but obviously cannot authenticate):

The exact error is (yes, the json appears in the red toast dialog):

{“repository”: {“name”: [“Invalid image name. Should be in the format [registry[:port]/][username/]reponame[:tag]”]}}

The modal where you add the registry, the fields are highlighted green - so they pass client side validation - it appears that the server side element can’t handle the extra hyphen.

The solution is for Docker Cloud to deal with the characters.

Hello Sam,

Thanks for raising this. We will fix this as soon as possible.


I note there have been some changes. For example, the toast error message no longer contains JSON but the error message, and I can submit a hyphen containing registry name and not get a validation error.

I do get a cryptic not authorized error using credentials I know work, but I guess is another issue. The original problem seems resolved.