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kolla-ansible pull error.

Dear Community,

For devstack multinode deployment we are getting the below error. We are stuck please help us to resolve the issue.

Please find below the error of kolla-ansible pull.

failed: [localhost] (item={‘value’: {u’haproxy’: {u’placement_api_external’: {u’mode’: u’http’, u’enabled’: True, u’external’: True, u’listen_port’: u’8780’, u’port’: u’8780’}, u’placement_api’: {u’mode’: u’http’, u’enabled’: True, u’external’: False, u’listen_port’: u’8780’, u’port’: u’8780’}}, u’group’: u’placement-api’, u’dimensions’: {}, u’volumes’: [u’/etc/kolla//placement-api/:/var/lib/kolla/config_files/:ro’, u’/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro’, u’kolla_logs:/var/log/kolla/’, u’’], u’container_name’: u’placement_api’, u’image’: u’kolla/centos-source-placement-api:rocky’, u’enabled’: True}, ‘key’: u’placement-api’}) => {
“changed”: false,
“invocation”: {
“module_args”: {
“action”: “pull_image”,
“api_version”: “auto”,
“auth_email”: null,
“auth_password”: null,
“auth_registry”: null,
“auth_username”: null,
“cap_add”: ,
“command”: null,
“detach”: true,
“dimensions”: {},
“environment”: {
“graceful_timeout”: 10,
“image”: “kolla/centos-source-placement-api:rocky”,
“labels”: {},
“name”: null,
“privileged”: false,
“remove_on_exit”: true,
“restart_policy”: “unless-stopped”,
“restart_retries”: 10,
“security_opt”: ,
“state”: “running”,
“tls_cacert”: null,
“tls_cert”: null,
“tls_key”: null,
“tls_verify”: false,
“tty”: false,
“volumes”: null,
“volumes_from”: null
“item”: {
“key”: “placement-api”,
“value”: {
“container_name”: “placement_api”,
“dimensions”: {},
“enabled”: true,
“group”: “placement-api”,
“haproxy”: {
“placement_api”: {
“enabled”: true,
“external”: false,
“listen_port”: “8780”,
“mode”: “http”,
“port”: “8780”
“placement_api_external”: {
“enabled”: true,
“external”: true,
“listen_port”: “8780”,
“mode”: “http”,
“port”: “8780”
“image”: “kolla/centos-source-placement-api:rocky”,
“volumes”: [
" msg": "Unknown error message: Tag rocky not found in repository "