Kube-dns not working


I am using Docker for Windows 18.06.0-ce-win72 (19098).

I have enabled the built-in Kubernetes. Alas, it seems that the kube-dns module is not working. When I navigate to https://localhost:6445/api/v1/namespaces/kube-system/services/kube-dns:dns/proxy (which I got from kubectl cluster-info) I get the following error:

  "kind": "Status",
  "apiVersion": "v1",
  "metadata": {
  "status": "Failure",
  "message": "services \"kube-dns:dns\" is forbidden: User \"system:anonymous\" cannot get services/proxy in the namespace \"kube-system\"",
  "reason": "Forbidden",
  "details": {
    "name": "kube-dns:dns",
    "kind": "services"
  "code": 403

I have also noticed the following errors in the kube-dns logs:

E0806 20:09:29.477644       1 reflector.go:201] k8s.io/dns/pkg/dns/dns.go:147: Failed to list *v1.Endpoints: Get dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused
E0806 20:09:29.491745       1 reflector.go:201] k8s.io/dns/pkg/dns/dns.go:150: Failed to list *v1.Service: Get dial tcp getsockopt: connection refused

Has anyone else come across that issue?

For anyone else who stumbles across that issue, this is not a bug in Docker for Windows but in the latest busybox image. In short, nslookup is not working in it.

More details at: https://bugs.busybox.net/show_bug.cgi?id=11161

Hello marchev,
Have you fixed this issue? If yes, how did you fixe it?