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Kubernetes and Docker Desktop : how to set up External IP for the node

Hello all, I deployed my app on Kubernetes started by Docker Desktop.
I made it reachable by a Service of NodePort.

But I can’t reach for the Node called “docker-desktop” because the EXTERNAL-IP is set to < none>.

How can we change that?
So I could test with :


Windows 10
Docker Desktop Community version (40693)
Channel Stable

Kubernetes : v 1.14.8

Thank you for your help.


No answer?

How can we test our application with NodePort service with the Kubernetes cluster of Docker please??

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s a little bit late for an answer, but since this post is now the first google search result for this type of a question and I stumbled on it myself :slightly_smiling_face::

An IP address which you are looking for is the IP address of your machine

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