Kubernetes not showing in the general settings of docker 4.16.1 in Windows 11 pro

Please kubernetes not showing in the general settings of docker 4.16.1 Windows 11 pro.Also note that i am using the personal version which is also the free version.Please how do i go about fixing it ?

Thanks for your help

Kubernetes was never in the “General” settings. I guess you mean in the navigation panel under the General, Resource and Docker Engine settings. Am I right?

I updated my Desktop on Windows 11 and I still have the Kubernetes menu.

yes.Cos i am watching a tutorial and after installation ,there was kubernetes in the navigation panel

It is there for me. If you can’t see that, that must be a bug that you can report on GitHub:

Before you do that, you can try to restart Docker Desktop a couple of times. Docker Desktop had a similar bug on macOS when I couldn’t see the installed Docker extensions and sometimes I couldn’t see the “Extensions” block at all. I restarted Docker Desktop, sometimes I had to do it multiple times and extensions were there again.

I have restarted it multiple times, what do i do ?

That is a link at the and of the line