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Kubernetes on Docker Desktop fails to launch after kube-apiserver certificate expiry

Issue type: Kubernetes on Docker Desktop stopped working due to expired kuber-apiserver certificates

OS Version/build: Windows 10 version - 1909 and OS Build - 18363

App version: Docker Desktop 3.03

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install Docker Desktop
  2. Enable Kubernetes
  3. Change the Windows PC time to ahead by 1 year
  4. Kubernetes cluster will stop working saying the kube-apiserver certificates are expired
  5. The applications/workloads deployed on the Kubernetes cluster will also stop working.

As Kubernetes certificates are issued for 1 year; after the 1 year time period the certificates are expired and this will break Kubernetes.


Need help:
Requesting Information on how to renew the kube-apiserver certificates without affecting the Kubernetes and the installed application