Kubernetes: share process namespace between containers in a Pod (SYS_PTRACE cap)


I’m running version of Docker For Mac, which has Kubernetes (v1.10.11) deployed inside and I’m trying to test process namespace sharing between containers in a Pod. I’m running the exact same example from https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/configure-pod-container/share-process-namespace/ - but I cannot make it work. The process ID:s from the “other container” (in the example, an nginx) are NOT visible from the “sidecar container” (in the example case, a busybox) when I do “ps ax”.

Is process namespace sharing capability (SYS_PTRACE) not enabled or not supported in Kubernetes for Docker For Mac, perhaps? If not, is there some way that I can add this capability to Docker For Mac?

Any light on this would be appreciated.