Layer already being pulled by another client. Waiting


I am new to docker and trying to run a hello-world docker image on ubuntu 14.04 desktop. I run into this error every time - “Layer already being pulled by another client. Waiting.”. I have tried restarting docker service and rebooting the machine too. I have enabled cgroup in the grub file. Not sure what else I am missing. I have tried it like 10 times now. The same result every time. Please help.


Did you try to pull any other image. Please try the below command and let me know whether it works.

docker pull ubuntu:trusty

If the above command also show the same problem then may be the docker daemon is not able to reach the docker hub to pull images.

Are you sure you have a direct internet connection in the machine where you are trying to pull the images?


Hi ,

Please restart your VM and then try it should work.

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I think you can try to restart your docker.service.