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License to use Docker Community Edition

I have been using Docker Community edition.

Is it true that all of Docker products and services are now covered under Docker Subscription Service agreement, with 4 tiers of service (Personal, Pro, Team and Business)?

Is Docker-CE covered under
a. Docker subscription service agreement? or
b. Docker Software end user license agreement?

Do I need to pay to use Docker CE?

The recent changes in the subscription policy are ment for Docker for Desktop, not for the Linux CE version. DfD is still free for personal usage and now requires a subscription for commercial usage.

Docker CE on Linux is still free of charge.

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Thanks for confirming on the license topic.

I’m curious about another point because I couldn’t find any clear explanation about this.
Do I need a subscription If I use docker CE in Windows WSL Ubuntu for commercial use?

If it’s installed manualy on WSL, then it actualy IS the linux CE version. The same is true if you create a linux vm and install the CE version there.

The requirement for a subscription is Docker Desktop, which you don’t use if you installed it manualy in WSL or a linux vm.

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