Limit on Open Files on Hyper-V Parent?


we are using a docker container in our development environment and sharing a volume folder with aprox 50.000 files from our windows machine. The files are in GIT repository on the host machine and are editited and checked out for debugging purposes. We have the problem, that the Windows host gets a file lock on single files quite often (once a day). In this case it is impossible to edit a file on the shared folder anymore. The only way out is to restart the whole Docker for Windows. It seems as if there is perhaps a limit on the open files or samba files on the Docker Hyper-V container. We already tried a higher ulimit in our docker-compose file, but this didn’t help:

  nproc: 65535
    soft: 50000
    hard: 99000

The only process on the Linux machine is PHP-FPM which doesn’t put a write lock on the files as they are only read by the process, so I think the issues comes from somewhere between windows an the docker container sharing process.

I could imagine that there might be still some limits on the Docker for Windows Hyper-V machine. Is there any one else with this issues?

Anything on this topic? I am wondering if noone else is running in this issue. This renders docker for windows useless for more complex development scenarios as restarting docker multiple times a day isn’t an option…