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Limitation of count of build rules

Does exist some limitation of count of build rules for automated builds ?
In our company repository I can’t create more then 25 rules.


I’m also running into a limit of 25 build rules for repos, but there’s no error message or documentation I can find that indicates this. Does anyone know if there’s really a limit, or if this is a bug?

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How come nobody has answered this? Are they simply introducing arbitrary limitations and waiting for the public to simply not notice?

I’m checking tags now, and it looks like rules are actually there, only they’re not shown in the web site. So it’s not an actual limitation, but an UI error? Is that the case?

Or not. I’ve deleted a couple of rules to see if the others, unlisted but apparently working ones, were bumped up the list. They were not. Gee, I just don’t know.