Links between to containers in different stack in Docker Swarm mode enabled

we are trying to create the swarm cluster with One Leader and Two workers.
it is done both nodes are up and running.
we try to create compose file(v3) with two images in it, when we run the docker stack deploy command it should deploy the containers with Links and communication between the container should happen via links.

Actual Result:
When we try to launch the two container via same compose file with swarm mode enabled it is not allowing us to launch two different containers as part of single Stack.
I tried one more thing like create two stack one for my web container and otheris db , but in that case also links are not working.

Need Solution:
In this cases i need to establish the communication between web container to DB container because of the link issue commication not happening.

Could you please check and let me if you any solution for that or any other work around.

Docker version: Latest
Docker Compose: Latest

Hello ,

Actually looks like using link is not necessary and Container Network Model (CNM) is new solution, just only attach container to related networks should be enough. its also provide two way communication between networks/containers