Localhost:80 doesn't work when pow server installed

Just a friendly heads up to my fellow rails developers. If you are running Pow (http://pow.cx) as a rack application server, you’ll quickly find that localhost on port 80 will never hit docker. This is because the Pow install script enables the PF firewall and adds a rule to forward all port 80 traffic to the Pow server port. Unfortunately, simply stopping the Pow server won’t help as it doesn’t stop PF.

Unless you’re up for reconfiguring Pow to use a different port and thus being stuck appending a port to each launch URL, it appears your only option is to stop PF when you want to use Docker for Mac, and re-enable it when you want to get your Pow on.

Stop PF and use Docker for Mac: sudo pfctl -d
Start PF and use Pow: sudo pfctl -e

As a follow-on, it would be fantastic if the Docker for Mac boot process could do a quick smoke test to see if a port 80 request makes it to docker or a simple docker container. Completely understand that not everyone wants or needs 80 open, but given the frequency of references to http://localhost in setup instructions, it would be helpful to pop a warning in the log. There are plenty of processes, including the built-in application firewall, that can hijack this port and leave users scratching their heads about why Docker seems to be broken.

Actually you can use Pow with docker using port forwarding.

You can see part of my setup script in https://gist.github.com/tapajos/2efe140176f285028acb215a5de3eec3.

The only missing part is the docker file exposing 3000 and 3001.