Localhost cannot access static files

Hiya! So I’m having this really weird problem. I’m working in django and in the base directory and I ran docker-compose build and docker compose up-d. I’m running on mac so in the docker-compose.yml, so the var/www/static directory doesn’t exist. I changed the volume line for static files to “basedirectory/static:/opt/app/static” (maybe that’s my problem??? I don’t know though because I tried a ton of different directories and nothing took :frowning: ). After the build completes “successfully”, when I go to localhost:8000 I get a 404 page not found error that says it can’t locate http://worker/. But I can still navigate to localhost:8000/admin. The problem here is that none of my styling loads because all the css files are in the static directory. So then I get these errors

Captura de pantalla 2018-11-16 a la(s) 12.07.39.png

. I think the problem is that the files are not actually going in the base/localhost directory. But honestly I’m just really lost. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much :slight_smile: