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Localhost : getting ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

I upgraded my OS from ubuntu 20.04 to 20.10.
Now, i’m getting the error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on localhost

Why? I didn’t touch my config docker.

What happens?
Can you explain to me?

I hope resolve this week.

I need to you.

Thanks you a lot
My best regards

If you want reproduce the error on Chrome, just open the localhost IP address “127.0. 0.1” and you will see the “err_connection_refused” error.

Check Your Internet. …
Check the Site is Working. …
Reset Wi-Fi Router. …
Change to Static IP Address. …
Disable Firewall. …
Disable Proxy Settings.


Check Your Internet
yes, internet is always online

Check the Site is Working.
yes, i visited all the sites

Reset Wi-Fi Router
my wifi is working since always

Change to Static IP Address.
what static ip adress? ? localhost?

Disable Firewall.
I don’t have some Firewalll

Disable Proxy Settings
I don’t have some proxy settings

Thanks you

excuse moi
have you some responses?
Best regards

I need you
help me
thank a lot