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Locking files while using Bind mounts

Hi All,

I am using a Ubuntu VM and trying to host docker containers on it.

The docker container is running a C# application (Net Core). In my code, I am trying to acquire an exclusive lock on a file and it is not working reliably. Here is the scenario:

1. I am defining mount binds as part of create options.
“HostConfig”: {
“Binds”: [

I also tried adding
“Mounts”: [
“Type”: “bind”,
“Source”: “/var/lib/azuremediaservices”,
“Destination”: “/var/lib/azuremediaservices”,
“Mode”: “”,
“RW”: true,
“Propagation”: “shared”
but it did not help.

2. I create my first container with the above setting and as part of the code I create a file /var/foo/lock.lock and try to acquire an exclusive lock using FileStream C# API.

3. The code runs fine and no exception is thrown while lock is acquired. I can see the file showing up on the host.

4. When I create the second container with identical settings, I expect the second container code to fail when it tries to get the lock. This works fine the first time and I can see the failure.

5. When I shutdown both the container and look at the host, I can still see the lock file. (That is also as expected)

6. When I start container 1, it is able to acquire the lock again.

7. When I start container 2, it is also able to acquire the lock and it does not fail.

8. From this point on, they lock is not honored unless, I delete /var/foo on the host and then it gets recreated as part of container 1 execution.

Any clue what am I doing wrong? Do I need any specific settings so that the lock is honored all the time?

I am suspecting this has something to do with bind propagation or how the file access is passed between container and the host.

As a side note: content of other files are being shared between containers as expected. Honoring the lock is the only issue.


Steps to reproduce the behavior
Switch to windows container mode.
mkdir c:\temp\unique
docker run --name mongodb --platform linux -p 27017:27017 -v c:\temp\unique:/data/db mongo
Notice that a c:\temp\unique\mongod.lock file is created so the bind mount did work. Yay! But… it appears that the container cannot get a lock on the file causing this error:

DBPathInUse: Unable to lock the lock file: /data/db/mongod.lock (Operation not supported). Another mongod instance is already running on the /data/db directory, terminating

I’ve confirmed that another instance of mongo is not running against this path. This works fine when in Linux container mode.

docker run --name mongodb --platform linux -v /tmp:/data/db mongo

Please ignore lewish95, the answers are usualy worth nothing. Like all other posts of this user, this is just a quote from another page… this time its

I was able to figure out the issue. It had nothing to do with bind mounts. It was a bug in my code where the FileStream was getting disposed prematurely allowing other module to acquire the lock in an unpredictable manner.
We can close this topic.