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Long running processes

I have 5 node cluster deployed.

But there is 1 container which takes very long to start up and i believe it has some long-running processes. How can i check which processes are these and how they are starting automatically ? I will also like to stop them as they are consuming heavy memory.

Thank you in advance

The following describe each state of a long-running task:

Not Started: The task process has not started. This state should only occur if an exception occurred before the action, agent, or topic process could be started.
Mediating: The task is waiting in the workflow mediator.
Queued: The task is waiting in an event queue.
Running: The task is executing. A task may remain running after its thread of execution completes if it spawns off other processes (e.g. a workflow agent).
Interrupting: The task has received an interruption request but has not yet responded to it.
Interrupted: The task successfully stopped execution after an interruption request.
Resubmitted: The task successfully stopped execution after an interruption request, and has been resubmitted to the Process Control or Integration In queue for future processing.
Completed: The task process completed. Note that this can occur after a task has received an interruption request, if the task completes before it can respond to the request. In addition, a completed task does not necessarily mean it completed successfully. It simply means the process is complete without interruption. e.g., a failed agent or transmission will still be marked as COMPLETED if the failure wasn’t due to a ProcessInterruptedException.
Aborted: On startup, a server marks all previous long-running tasks assigned to it as ABORTED, if the task’s current state is not INTERRUPTED, RESUBMITTED, COMPLETED or ABORTED. In this way, a user can quickly identify tasks that may need special handling as they were effectively killed.