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Looking for a good Docker CI CD demo

I am looking for a good Docker CI-CD demo, so I am trying to implement a Docker CI process, and trying to consider what approach to take.
There are a lot of ways to go, Codefresh and SNAP-CI are two that come to mind.
As well as Docker for AWS as shown in this Video

I would like to try something basic and mainstream…in finding something off the Docker Main site I would attempt

this demo…

but it doesn’t get into enough detail. I have the free AWS tier account as well as an AZURE trial account.

How/where do I need to deploy images for

• Jenkins master running the commercially supported Docker Engine and the Jenkins platform in a Docker container
• Jenkins slave running the commercially supported Docker Engine with SSHD enabled and a Java runtime installed
• Docker host running the commercially supported Docker Engine and the Docker Trusted Registry components

It doesn’t exactly tell you to deploy these in AWS… but that’s where they must be ?

Any thoughts suggestions or experinces with running this “use-cases/cicd” demo much appreciated !

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Would I be able to run this demo…

using just an Amazon Linux AMI instance or would it have to be the Ubuntu 14.04 instance ?