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Lost K8s config file entry for "docker-desktop" embedded cluster

Hi folks, I have “lost” K8s config entry running with Docker-desktop on Win 10:

Server: Docker Engine - Community Engine: Version: 19.03.13 API version: 1.40 (minimum version 1.12)

and embedded K8s 1.19.2.

The problem is that my C:\users<username>.kube\config configuration file entry for ‘docker-desktop’ somehow “disappeared” (at least entry for “docker-desktop” cluster and context) so it just has an entry for ‘minikube’ instance that I tried to run on docker-desktop as well:

apiVersion: v1

  • cluster:
    certificate-authority: C:\Temp\minikubevms.minikube\ca.crt server: name: minikube contexts:
  • context:
    cluster: minikube
    user: minikube
    name: minikube
    current-context: minikube
    kind: Config preferences: {} users:
  • name: minikube user: client-certificate: C:\Temp\minikubevms.minikube\profiles\minikube\client.crt client-key: C:\Temp\minikubevms.minikube\profiles\minikube\client.key

How can I restore config settings for “docker-desktop” embedded K8s cluster not knowing values for ‘certificate-authority-data’, ‘client-certificate-data’ and ‘client-key-data’ certificate values (which are inside respective K8s control plane containers)? Thanks!