LVM, Swarm, Portainer etc

Dear all.

I would like to create an environment for testing. The hardware I have available is:

  • n.2 HPE Proliant 560Gen8 servers, 2 Intel CPUs, 128GB of Ram, 6 network cards, 2 HBAs at 8Gbs

  • n.1 SAN network with two Brocade 8/20q.

  • n.1 HPE MSA P2000 storage with about 18TB net

  • n.2 HPE Procurve 2530G-24P.

My goal must have these characteristics these characteristics:

  • LVM file system shared between the two servers

  • swarm for cluster management

  • portanier docker management

  • a highly reliable ethernet network

  • a tool for making backups (data and configurations)

  • one network for server management and another for services

The project is quite complex and I have already identified some components that I described above.

I need some help from you to understand how I can make these configurations:

  • LVM shared between servers for both docker-composers and data

  • high reliability and high performance ethernet network between servers

  • backups

examples and documentation are very welcome.

Many thanks

Best regards