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Mac Beta -- Multiple Users cannot execute docker CLI

(Mikejlawson) #1

Expected behavior

Install Docker for Mac Beta as User 1. Everything works
Login to same Mac as User 2. Should be able to execute /usr/local/bin/docker, etc. with no issues.

Actual behavior

-bash: docker: command not found


/usr/local/bin/docker (and others) are soft-linked to Users/Users1/Library/Group Containers/, which in itself is a softlink to /Applications/

/usr/local/bin artifacts should softlink to /Applications and not a user’s home directory.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Install docker for Mac Beta as User 1
  2. Sign in as User 2 and type the command “docker”

(Dave Tucker) #2

Hi and thanks for the report.
We’re aware of the issue and tracking it on ticket (#2951).
I’m hopeful we’ll have a fix ready in the next week or two!
Thanks for trying Docker 4 Mac