MacBookPro 2015 models are slow when Docker is running

Hi Team,

Our engineers use the Docker Application on macOS.

Around 20 computers in our organization are MacBook 2015 models. In these computers, the entire system performance is very low while working with Docker. On those systems, the CPU utilization is very high while Docker is running.

Quickly replacing all these systems with the latest model is not feasible for now. (We will replace all these systems gradually with the latest models one by one.)

Do you have any other suggestions to improve the system performance while working with the Docker?


I don’t know which Docker Desktop version is compatbible with a MacBook from 2015 (which macOS is supported on that) but recent version of Docker Desktop supports VirtioFS for bind mounts. If it is not the default, you should probably enable it, because it improves the performance. If you need the best speed, you can create volumes and copy the data to the volume instead of mounting it from the host, however your Docker Desktop could run out of space faster.

The best would be though if you could find out what process is using the CPU. You can do it from the terminal or using the Activity Monitor. If you only see the virtual machine, then you can try docker stats to see the resource usage of containers.

If you don’t see anything suspicious in containers, then it could be the VM itself, for example mounting the files as I mentioned before, but that is just one I could think of.

Thank you @rimelek .
Let me check. I will get back to you.