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'make setup' command fails during Swarmkit setup installation

make setup command fails during swarmkit setup. I suspect this failure is due to the steps I performed before issuing ‘make setup’ command to install a specific version of protoc-gen-go (protoc plugin for go) which involved the following:

  1. git -C “$(go env GOPATH)”/src/ checkout v1.3.0
  2. go install

~/GOPATH/src/ git status
HEAD detached at v1.3.0
nothing to commit, working tree clean

Steps to checkout and build Swarmkit:

go get -d

~/GOPATH/src/ make setup
:whale: setup

TODO(stevvooe): Install these from the vendor directory

install golangci-lint version 1.17.1 to ./bin/golangci-lint

golangci/golangci-lint info checking GitHub for tag ‘v1.17.1’
golangci/golangci-lint info found version: 1.17.1 for v1.17.1/linux/amd64
golangci/golangci-lint info installed ./bin/golangci-lint

cd /home/nick/go/src/; git pull --ff-only

You are not currently on a branch.
Please specify which branch you want to merge with.
See git-pull(1) for details.

git pull <remote> <branch>

package exit status 1 recipe for target ‘setup’ failed
make: *** [setup] Error 1

Looks like it needs one of the directories to be merged but I do not understand clearly the issue here. Can anyone explain the problem and what needs to be fixed?

This issue is resolved.