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Managing remote docker machines from multiple development machines

(Nmenon) #1

If this has been answered before, I apologize. I am posting this here after unsuccessful attempts to find this information.

Can the docker machines created from one developer workstation using docker-machine commands, be managed from another workstation. I am not looking for a solution involving docker swarm, but just docker machine.

From my understanding when docker-machine creates the machine on a remote environment like AWS EC2, it creates keys and certs which are then used for TLS based communication to the machine going forward. Therefore, in theory if I copy those keys and certs to another developer machine I should be able to connect to that remote docker machine.

However, I would like to know if that is the expected method to accomplish what I am looking to do. IMO this will be a scenario most of the docker community might be facing since multiple team members will need to share and manage the same remote docker machine.

Any guidance in this matter would be really appreciated.

(Evan) #2


If you just want to connect to the Docker Engine via TLS you can either share the ca.pem and client cert / key or create a new client cert using the ca.pem. We are looking at ways to improve the ability to share access to the engines such as external CAs.

(Greaber) #3

I hunted around for a while before finding this answer. I agree with the OP that this is a super common scenario. If the answer by @ehazlett is still current, shouldn’t it be added to the docs?