Markusmcnugen/qbittorrentvpn fails to start on QNAP Container Station

Container Station

I installed the image from markusmcnugen/qbittorrentvpn with no issues. On initial install/start when testing the ipaddress being pulled, my ip address was visible to the public instead of the VPN address. I attempted a restart of the container and the container will not start and instead gives an error:

2023-10-05 02:35:25.777441 [info] Starting qBittorrent daemon…
Logging to /config/qBittorrent/data/logs/qbittorrent-daemon.log.
start-stop-daemon: matching on world-writable pidfile /var/run/ is insecure
2023-10-05 02:35:26.810080 [info] qBittorrent PID:

Thus the WebUI is not reachable.