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Masquerade issue with debian


So an app I wanted to check out in alpha requires docker. So I spun up a debian VM and installed docker followed by the app.
The app appears to be working but I see a major amount of blocked traffic at the pfSense firewall for trying to send TCP:R traffic. I believe TCP:R would be the reset. and the state table is rather large as nothing is resetting…

The server has a address
Docker created the docker0 network with as expected
The iptables NAT default was this:

and they should show no traffic from 172.17 only traffic from and that is why the firewall is dropping it.

I tried to change the iptables but no luck.
I don’t know anything about the mechanics of the app and docker use, I started in the app forum and now I am here as I think it is a docker NAT issue or my server issue that someone who knows docker could help me with… I think something is wrong with the mask

Thanks in advance…