Memory leak or huge memory usage

Expected behavior

Not as much RAM is used.

Actual behavior

Having the Docker beta running eventually bloats up and eats all my RAM until my system becomes unresponsive.


Not sure what would be helpful here. Memory just fills up until there’s nothing left. I don’t have this issue on Linux based systems. So I don’t suspect it’s an issue with the actual containers I’m running.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Just try running this repository with docker-compose:

The VM created in Hyper-V uses Dynamic RAM and has an initial setting of 2 GB of memory, how much memory is installed on your system?

@atrauzzi do you remember seeing problems with memory exhaustion when using Docker Toolbox? (if you ever used that).

I’ve got 12gb of RAM on the system, usage is down very low until I run docker beta. Around 4gb. Once I start it up, it seems like spinning up and destroying containers causes memory to get eaten up, and up until it takes my system down.

If I stop docker beta and restart it, RAM drops down to previous levels again.

Sorry, I never got too far with docker toolbox (I kept encountering issues with bind mounts) and interactive mode scripts.

That said, this Docker Beta has gotten me the closest yet, bind mounts finally work! Only thing left is interactive mode for compose :wink:

@atrauzzi for the next release we’re going to disable Dynamic memory and default to 2GB (and eventually make it configurable).