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Mirroring private registry


(Benjamindonze) #1


I searched but couldn’t find a precise documentation on how to setup a mirror of a private registry. My company is spread in multiple place around the world and would need to be able to setup different local mirrors of our private registry.

Can someone explain the process or point the documentation? Thanks

(Ranjandas) #2


Here is the official documentation of setting up a Docker Registry mirror although its not based on the latest version of Docker Registry. Just pointing it just incase it may help you.


(Jeff Anderson) #3

Docs for the distribution project (v2 registry) are in its doc tree:


(Benjamindonze) #4

On that documentation it is stated that it is not possible to mirror another private registry? Is this true or is there work around. I don’t exactly get it.

(Volker Krebs) #5

The new url is:

(Gcstang) #6

New URL: