Missing ipv4 address for newly created machine


to get the example on docs.docker.com for the swarm mode running, I am trying to set up a master and and a worker node via docker-machine:

docker-machine create --driver hyperv master
docker-machine create --driver hyperv worker

After that both VMs have only ipv6 addresses and thus the swarm join command fails:
Command example:

docker swarm join \
   --token SWMTKN-1-51mnr3nv48rfymobh2wk0cshdjyd66uhqsz9oun5u6zsep8ew0-15901tuo8wvphqravp4u91hsw \


Error response from daemon: could not find local IP address: dial udp [fe80::215:5dff:fe02:e025]:2377: connect: invalid argument

I assume that the ipv6 address is the problem. Perhaps I am wrong but my question is: After “docker-machine create” must be an ipv4 address assigned or something else wrong with the networking?

Perhaps someone can help me. Thanks in advance.


I am running Docker v1.12.0 and docker-machine 0.8.0 on Windows 10.

I do have the same problem with the latest version of Docker (v17.04.0-ce) on Windows 10.
Did anybody found a solution for this?