Modifying Frontend Layout in Java Docker Container


the application is packaged into a Docker container, and unfortunately, all the frontend files, including HTML and CSS, are compiled into a JAR file. This makes it challenging to directly modify the frontend layout.

Source files are not available via the docker itself
Sadly this all runs with java so all files are compiled inside the .jar file itself

Please Guide Me On How To Modifying Frontend Layout In Java Docker Container.

Maybe use the source code and build the container yourself?

If you are unhappy with how the maintainer builds his image, then get in touch with the maintainer.
I fail to see how the topic is related to docker itself.

It’s like talking to the maintainer of zip, because you don’t like the content of a zip file someone else created…

how to build the container myself?

Try to use the Dockerfile included and run docker build ..

Learn with any of the resources available: 1, 2, 3.