MonaiLabel and 3D Slicer Image together on one docker container

I am quite new to Docker, Monai and Slicer, facing some difficulties here at the moment. I know there is a MonaiLabel docker image, and there is a 3dSlicer docker image. I want to run both of these together on a server and make them communicate or work together.
I have figured the way to run MonaiLabel image and start the server, but cannot find or find a way to start the 3d slicer on the server and then connect it with MonaiLabel.
Question in specific would be, is this possible?
Or how to setup a docker in a such a way that both images (if they exist) load onto the server.

I don’t know any of the mentioned applications / images. In a container world applications usually communicate over network so of course, it is possible, but it would be better if you could share how you use these images how you run the containers and how they should work together. If you use Docker Compose or just create user defined networks and attach both containers to the same network, you can use the compose service names and container names as hostnames

What do you mean by


Hi, thanks for the reply.
By “Load onto the server”, I meant I pull two images simultaneously and use them in the same container.
I understand that you don’t the the mentioned applications, so I for one know that “MONAI” Image exists and works, but the other application “3D Slicer”, not really sure if that image exists, so I was looking for someone who might have tried to work on these two together, because of the 3D Slicer forums Monai is a common topic, but they suggested I should ask on the Docker forums.
So to simplify for myself, you mean I can have two images in a container simultaneously, and communicate between them if they are on the same network (Which will be the case), it’s a company project so I will be working on a remote server and running the container on it.
Is there something you suggest I should look into? Eg. as you mentioned Docker Compose, I know about it, but don’t have full understanding of it.

That is not possible and doesn’t make sense. A container is an instance of an image. The image is the template, containing the filesystem and metadata. ONe image, one container but those containers can use the same Docker network.

So if I understand ou correctly, you are looking for a base image? Can you share a link to the forum topic where they suggested to ask here so we can read that discussion too? They listed the images in a topic:

Then you first need to learn the basics, otherwise it will be very hard to do anything with Docker.

You can read my tutorials too

And there is a self-paced training that wou recommend usually to learn about Docker containers