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mongoDB arm64v8 : /usr/local/bin/ line 392: 27 Illegal instruction (core dumped) "${mongodHackedArgs[@]}" --fork

Hey, I’m trying to get a basic mongoDB instance running on a raspberry pi 4 8GB, however I keep getting the following error:

/usr/local/bin/ line 392: 27 Illegal instruction (core dumped) “${mongodHackedArgs[@]}” --fork

Originally I tried the official image which is tagged to work on arm64 but I got the same exact issue so now I’m trying to use the arm64v8 image of mongoDB (Docker Hub) however i keep getting the following error in the logs whenever I try to start it (via docker-compose).

Any ideas why this is happening?

Could it be your problem as well?

Yea, I saw that post when I first encountered the error and was googling to find answers and if you notice I say that I also tried the arm64v8 image found here: Docker Hub so I’m not really sure, but if your image is tagged with arm64 and then have another image specifically for arm64 cpu’s then shouldn’t the image run on an arm64 cpu? I guess I’ll just downgrade.

That issue on stackoverflow is not about old Docker image but old CPU. I tried mongodb on Macos with an M1 arm CPU using the arm64v8 image and it works.

That is just the architecture. I can imagine differences but when it’s about CPU-s, I am not the most skilled person.

Hmm but I mean the raspberry pi isnt “old” but maybe not powerful enough? Is there system requirements for mongoDB somewhere? I tried searching but didn’t find anything besides not supporting 32 bit and requiring 1GB RAM.

The aarch64 instruction set is the same across all arm64 processor cores, that’s kinda why they are called arm64v8/aarch64 so I don’t see why an old CPU would differ from a new CPU, besides the amount of processing power it’s capable of and in that case it should be a different error.

I haven’t had any issues with any other images, it simply pulls the correct image required for aarch64 unless I am mistaken.

The issue too is that I tried an arm64v8 image specifically and that didn’t work either.

Alright you are probably right I have to find out exactly what core the raspberry pi uses because according to : you need an ARMv8.2-A* or later microarchitecture.