Mounted directory from windows host does not have permissions

When I mount C:\Users\user\directory from my windows environment it does not have write permissions when I look at within Bash shell.

Have spend hours on posting with these kinds of problems, but nothing matches exactly.

Host: Windows 10, lastet version
Docker version: 1.12.1 stable
Image: JHipster
Shared drives: Shared C: ticked
Shared drives authentication: Used my user id and password - no special char or spaces
Command to share: used Kitematic share Volumes option
Turn Windows Features On and Off: Hyper-V all on
File and print sharing: Set on
Permissions of C:\Users\user\directory: My user has all privileges
Result of mkdir from within Bash shell: mkdir: cannot make directory ‘a’ : Permission denied
Result of ls from within Bash shell: shows any subdirectory that is within that windows directory.


I use bindfs as a workaround for these kind of issue.

Something like :

bindfs -u www-data -g www-data /var/www/mount_dynacase/ /var/www/dynacase/

Remount the directory with the good rights.