Mounting a sshfs folder and share it with host

Hi guys,

I’m currently trying to run a container that start a sshfs process to mount a shared file system.
I would like to mount it and share it with the host (and then with other containers).

I saw a github discussion on that problem and understood that it was solved. If I got that, I need to pass the shared argument when specifying the volume. Unfortunately, it does not work.

docker run -it --privileged -v /empty_host_data_dir/:/container_volume_to_mount/:shared my_container

afterwards, when I list container_volume_to_mount in my container, it’s OK, I get my files, but when go back to the host and list /empty_host_data_dir it is still empty.

I’m using docker v 1.6.2 in a Ubuntu 15.10 host.

Could you help me?



Excuse me, have you solved this problem? Can you tell me your last solution. If you can, thank you a lot

Hello, any news on this topic ?