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Mounting multiple bind locations from the hosts into a tomcat container


(Raysbudo) #1

I have been trying to mount directories using the "docker service create and I use the --mount type=bind, src=/path/to/dir,dst=/location/on/container this is true for all 3 mounts, two go directly to the app in the container and one goes to a location in the container which will be mirrored in the same location on the host as in the container i.e --mount type=bind,src=/data/files,dst=/data/file. But the swarm manager can’t seem to start the container or verify the mounts. This same container starts using the “docker run” command and using “-v” to mount the local files. This does not seem to be true when I use “docker service create” and “–mount type=bind”, the problem seems inconsistent between “docker run” and “docker service create” even if all the workers have the same path within its each host and the problem only occurs to me in tomcat containers apache and nodejs containers don’t show this problem. Any suggestion on how I can resolve this strange issue.