Move Docker Volume to Bind Mount

I’m a modest user who has much to learn. A few weeks ago I updated my calibre docker-compose file to use docker volumes instead of a bind mount. The process was somewhat simple. With the container “down”, I copied the contents of /home/docker/calibre/config/ to .../docker/volumes/calibre_config/_data via rsync -axPS

I then launched the container with a compose file defining the docker volume “config”.

All went well and my container configuration was correct.

However, I now want to reverse that and move the docker volume “config” back to a bind mount. But this has proved more vexing. After removing the container, I user rsync to copy the docker volume content over to the bind mount directory, however when I launched Calibre, I was looking at an fresh start configuration.

So I trued to copy over the docker volume content again after using systemctl stop docker but this too failed to restore the config in the bind mount setting. So I am puzzled. Is there something I missed, perhaps an rsync switch? I appreciate any advice.

Don’t mess with volumes on the host directly. Use docker cp command, check doc or any tutorial.